Mountain biking is a relatively young sport that still has to find its place among the alpine community. Please help us achieve this by showing understanding and respect for every nature lover and athlete, and be a shining example for our beloved sport. The other bikers, walkers, nature lovers, hunters, farmers and residents will be grateful for it: 


  • Safety comes first! Please heed our rules of conduct and adapt your speed to your personal ability and the overall conditions of the route. Safety first!
  • Helmet and protectors absolutely MANDATORY!
  • You bike at your own risk. Thus, control your speed, be able to stop at half your sight distance. The slope style, dual and whipp off areas are closed during normal opening hours. With special permission, select riders can be permitted to use them.
  • Be aware of alpine dangers!
  • Leave no trace. Shortcuts and skits destroy the trails.
  • Please respect other countryside users and livestack. Stick to the trails. In particular, please respect the marked protective zones for the Auerhahn (capercaillie mountain cock). Do not use these trails.


Emergency numbers: 140
In case of accident, please call 140 and name your position number!