The NEW fun activity accessible to ALL (even non-skiers) on the Muttereralm!!!

This modern "sit-ski" offers you a new sensation of gliding close to the ground like tobogganing or go-karting, all in a fun and sociable way.

With a single size for people from 10 to 77 years old. SNOOC makes gliding accessible to everyone. It is an alternative to skiing that allows adult skiers, non-skiers and even children to discover the joys of gliding in a ski area in less than 10 minutes.

Safe for beginners, this "sit-skiing" allows you to glide in complete safety. The sitting position offers exceptional stability and control on groomed slopes. After a day's practice, you will be able to ski on red slopes with up to 30 cm of powder snow.
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The Muttereralm cable cars are currently closed for maintenance work.

From 09 December 2023, depending on snow conditions and weather, we will start the new winter season 2023/24.

The Nockspitzbahn - Götznerbahn starts winter operation from 16 December 2023.
- winter clothing
- helmet
- goggles
- gloves
- sturdy shoes