The exercise park is an attraction for the whole family! The young and the elderly can enjoy nature together on discovery trips. Families and groups can thus experience nature first-hand, get plenty of fresh air, discover and experience their own bodies as well as their capabilities and talents.

A playful challenge and training of motor functions, balance coordination and motility, at different stations, on this nature track. Never was it more fun to improve fi tness as well as strengthen muscles and at the same time learn something about yourself and Mother Nature. At 15 different stations skills can be proved. Work as a team or have a competition, everything is possible.

Between the different stations, the impressive views and mountain panoramas are always there to surprise you. Plenty of resting areas will encourage you to stay and enjoy them. All paths are children-friendly, so that the entire family can romp around together without a problem.

The park, that was designed together with the manufacturer Pronatur, offers variety and a great nature experience, leaving a lasting impression on adults as well as children and making the Muttereralm even more attractive for the young and the elderly.

The former tree houses have been replaced by a new house on stilts. With a view of Innsbruck and the Inn Valley, the house invites you to look out and relax. It provides shade and offers a perfect retreat for a few minutes of peace and quiet on the mountain. But the new stilt house is also the perfect location for a children's birthday party.