Theater of Axams


The Folk Theatre in Axams – an amateur theatre with plenty of tradition

Shakespeare once said "All the world's a stage", and this certainly rings true for the village of Axams and its residents, who have been living out their acting passion for more than 300 years. The theatre boasts a wide repertoire of performances ranging from comedies (both light and hilarious) and folk tales right through to children's plays. The amateur actors also love to perform works by the local hero Dr Karl Schönherr, a highly esteemed writer born and raised in Axams, whenever they get the chance. "Erde" (Earth), "Glaube und Heimat" (Belief and Home), "Frau Suitner" (Mrs Suitner), "Karrnerleut'" (The Carters) and "Der Weibsteufel" (The She-Devil), to name but a few of his plays, all require their casts to perform at the top of their game. In line with a vow made many centuries ago, another of the Folk Theatre's special highlights only takes to the stage once every ten years: "Das Axamer Josef'nspiel". This play tells the biblical tale of the 12 sons of Jacob the patriarch and was written and first performed by two residents of Axams, Josef Maurer and Hans Dollinger, back in 1677/78. The next performance is planned to take place in 2023!

Volkstheater Axams
Georg Bucher Straße 2
A 6094 Axams +43 664 55 29 557