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Innsbruck’s history lives on!

An entertaining journey through the history of the city of Innsbruck from the 12th century to the present day!
Accompanied by an Austria Guide (a certified tourist guide), you meet interesting characters from different eras who tell the events of their time in their own personal and amusing way: the high clergy of Wilten Abbey negotiates hard with the city founder Count Berchtold, Frederick IV explains how he got his nickname “Frederick of the empty pockets”, Claudia de Medici and Ms Bienner share their spooky recollection of the chancellor’s cruel execution, Leopold and Maria Ludovica marvel at the changes to Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace, a landlady talks to the enterprising landlord of the Adler and two washerwomen from Sellrain bump into each other and discuss the differences between city and country life.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Meeting point: Ottoburg, Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse

This tour is offered in German and English.

Acting guides
Acting guides
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