Acqua Alpes


Sapphire-blue skies and blue-tinted mountains, pristine white clouds and glistening snow, the gentle murmur of a cool stream - your memories of Innsbruck are inseparably linked to these sensuous alpine-urban impressions. And that invigorating scent in the air! How best to describe it? Acqua Alpes, Innsbruck’s first perfume manufactory, has discovered the key to unlock the secret of this elusive Alpine fragrance. Innsbruck’s crystal-clear spring water is the base element of an exquisite perfume collection named from 2334 to 3333, as a tribute to the majestic heights of the magical mountain peaks that surround the city.

By capturing these seductive essences, the passionate young team at Acqua Alpes has created the first product range dedicated exclusively to the unmistakable scent of the Alps and pristine nature. The four perfumes, body care line and home fragrances come in elegant hues reminiscent of precious alpine gemstones. The earthy aromas of wood and leather evoke a walk in the forest, a touch of apple or pear conjures up memories of alpine fruit orchards, and a hint of jasmine, lavender or lily of the valley contributes a subtle floral note.

Situated in Hofgasse, in the heart of Innsbruck’s historic Old Town, the Acqua Alpes signature outlet with its refreshing white and blue design provides the perfect setting for the fragrant creations of the city’s first perfume manufactory. Containing the essence of pure nature these unique fragrances make not only perfect souvenirs, but let your memories of a wonderful stay in Innsbruck linger on and on.


Monday - Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Acqua Alpes GmbH
Daniel Deutsch
Hofgasse 2
A 6020 Innsbruck +43 5238 / 80 110