For those who wish to ride beyond Bikepark’s trails, the area around Pfriemesköpfl offers some wonderful MTB routes. Forestry roads and single trails will take you uphill past traditional alpine tuts, while affording you breat-taking viewas oft he Nockspitz and the Inn Valley. The MTB routes in combination with simpler single trails are superbly suitable for E-bike tours as well.

Götzner Almweg (516)

This route starts at the Johanneskapelle chapel and follows the Götzner Almweg via the Götzner Berghöfe to the Götzner Alm mountain hut. A ...

3,72 km
590 m

Kreither Almweg (511)

A quiet and varied mountain bike tour to the Kreither Alm mountain hut.

This tour follows a well-maintained and varied forest road to ...

3,70 km
522 m

Mutterer Almweg (510)

A scenic and well-maintained forestry road that leads up through alpine meadows and forests to the Muttereralm.

The route starts at the ...

8,50 km
678 m

Mutters 3-hut circuit

This wonderful circular tour connects the Mutterer Alm, the Raitiser Alm (not open to the public) and the Kreither Alm mountain huts. From the ...
21,00 km
1000 m

The Simple One

The foresty road goes from the summit station to the valley station. This simple route passes over the Mountain Cart Course (forestry ...
5,00 km
0 m