The Solegrotte salt grotto in Zirl

A place of power for body and soul – natural, liberating, calming, healthy The salt grotto is home to a microclimate that has a positive effect on the human organism. You enter the salt grotto in everyday clothing. For complete relaxation, you can lie on the comfortable floating loungers and enjoy the tranquillity with soft sounds and muted lighting. The salt grotto is an ideal place to relax and experience well-being. Energy deficits are compensated for and the immune system is strengthened. Allow yourself to take a little break – the world will keep turning without you for a while.
By appointment by phone +43 664 / 30 61 880 or by email
Solegrotte Zirl
Simone Möller
Meilstraße 4
A 6170 Zirl +43 664 / 30 61 880