The parish church in Natters


The parish church in Natters is a Gothic church first documented in 1376. For centuries, it was a popular pilgrimage site for gout sufferers. The church is Gothic but it was "prettied up" a little during the Baroque period: in the 18th century, the almost 50-metre high tower was given a double tower dome and adorned with frescoes and a Baroque sundial. The sundial was designed in 1759 by renowned local cartographer Peter Anich. Anton Zoller was responsible for the artistic implementation. The church is dedicated to Saint Michael and the patronal festival with a procession takes place every year on 29 September.

Pfarrkirche Natters
Pfr.Tomas Ostarek
A 6161 Natters
T: +43 512 / 54 66 40