The Exercise Grounds & Historic Woodland Cemetery


The Exercise Grounds & Historic Woodland Cemetery
The forest clearing known as Tummelplatz, to the southwest above Ambras Palace, was likely a horse-training and riding area in the past. It would have been here where the sovereigns earlier exercised and practiced on their horses. Today, it is a popular haven for peace and relaxation. A beautiful haven for a short break from sightseeing and the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Palace as Military Hospital
Ambras Palace stood empty for a while. During this time, it was used as a military hospital in the war years from 1796 to 1814, in 1848, 1859 and 1866. Since then, the Tummelplatz has been used as a military cemetery for soldiers who have died at the Palace.
A number of larger and smaller chapels and decorated shrines recall the fallen. Those who visit the cemetery will also recognise traces of both world wars, during which it became custom to erect memorial crosses for the soldiers who fell while far from Tyrol.

Further history of the Tummelplatz
After the ending of the Tummelplatz as a cemetery during the First World War (1914-1918), a new military cemetery was invested in Wiesengasse (at the terminus of the No. 3 tram). The years 1918-1920 saw a further cemetery for Italian soldiers and, after 1945, a burial ground for the Red Army’s fallen followed. This area is marked by the unique layout and the pillar adorned with the Soviet star.

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