Pilgrimage Path St. James Innsbruck


Part of the medieval Road to Santiago, coming from the Brenner pass and running through the holiday villages of Ellbögen, Patsch and Igls to Santiago de Compostela in the south-easternmost corner of Spain, also passes Innsbruck and carries on through the holiday villages of Völs, Kematen and Unterperfuss, before heading west towards Arlberg.

Coming from Hall, the Road to Santiago runs to Rum via Thaur and across Römerpark and the Kalvarienberg mountain to St. Jacob's Cathedral in Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is situated on the pilgrims' route to Rome, on the pilgrims' route to Santiago de Compostela and the city also has a splendid cathedral dedicated to St James. The former Roman staging post of Veldidena, built at the end of the 1st century at the mouth of the Wipp valley, which descends from the south via the Brenner into the Inn valley, is almost certainly the most important stopover on the Way of St James in western Austria.
With so much information about Innsbruck available on the Internet (see the links above), it is impossible and not really necessary to present detailed information about the provincial capital here. It does need to be pointed out, however, that a visit to the city's St James cathedral, built on the site of a late-12th century church, is a major highlight on the Way of St James through the Tyrol.

Important: The cathedral has a what is called a "Jakobsgemeinschaft", a St James community, which is happy to minister to the needs and concerns of the many pilgrims who pass through the city. It is easy to make contact with the Jakobsgemeinschaft

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