Mariahilf Pilgrimage Church, Birkenberg

This beautiful little church is located in the north-east of the town of Telfs. The area in front of the church offers stunning views across the Inn Valley and has benches where visitors can sit back, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. The Baroque church building features a cupola and is a very popular wedding venue, not only because of its magnificent Baroque interior but also due to the legend of the "Mohrele". "Mohrele" is the name fondly used by the residents of Telfs to refer to the small statue depicting a dark-skinned child on the church's high altar. Popular belief claims that the statue has already helped many married couples fulfil their desire to have a child.
Wallfahrtskirche Mariahilf am Birkenberg
Birkenberg 3
A 6410 Telfs