Gassler Chapel in Oberperfuss


The Gassler Chapel is located right in the centre of Oberperfuss, to the left of the Peter Anich House. It is also known as the "Chapel of Our Lord in Misery" and houses an old statue of Christ based on the statue of the Man of Sorrows at the Pilgrimage Church of Wies in Upper Bavaria. The chapel was formerly used for the consecration of the deceased, who were brought to the cemetery from the upper areas of the village. On Palm Sunday, the local community gathers at the chapel to celebrate the blessing of palms, which is followed by a ceremonial procession to the parish church accompanied by local musicians.

Riedl 23
A 6173 Oberperfuss
F: +43 512 /53 56 959 +43 512 /53 56 61 73