Evangelical Church of the Cross

The “Predigstation Kreuzkirche Völs” church is located in the west of the market town of Völs. The interior of the simple small church is characterised by a statue of the Risen Christ rising up before the cross. The church is named after the large freestanding cross located in front of the building. A mosaic depiction of Peter sinking created by the parishioner and artist Heinz Scheffler adorns the entrance wall of the building. The church was built in 1959 in connection with the construction of the “Friedenssiedlung” (Peace Settlement), which provided a new home for refugees from areas of Eastern Europe that were formerly home to a large population of German citizens. The story behind the development of the church is inextricably linked to the work of the Pastor Daniel Diel.
Pfarrer Werner Geißelbrecht
Friedensstraße 1
A 6176 Völs
https://www.innsbruck-christuskirche.atT: +43 59 / 15 17 51 101