Devil's Mill - Teufelsmühle


Legend has it that the mill was built by a poor farmer from Aldrans with the help of the devil himself.
The humble farmer didn’t have enough money to build the mill so he entered into a pact with the devil. The devil agreed to build the mill in return for the farmer’s soul. The farmer agreed on the condition that the mill had to be built within one night, before the first cock crowed. The devil took up the challenge and set to work the same night. He built the mill within a few hours and headed out at three in the morning to fetch the missing millstone from the Inn Valley. Having laboured to bring the millstone up to the required altitude, he arrived just in time to hear the sound of first “cock-a-doodle-doo”. Enraged the devil pushed the millstone back down into the valley, where it smashed into a thousand pieces. The famer simply laughed and called his new property the “Teufelsmühle” (Devil’s Mill) from then on.

A 6074 Rinn