BTV Stadtforum


​A highlight of modern architecture in the heart of the city. The BTV city forum is easy to reach on foot from Maria-Theresien-Straße via Sparkassenplatz. The building is light and generously-structured, with plenty of daylight and openness to create a comfortable environment for customers and staff. The 20-metre high hall is the representative and communicative heart. The BTV Stadtforum is a successful example of symbiosis between new and old.

Floor: Valser Quarzit * FO.KU.S. (Photo - Kunst Stadtforum). Open art room.

Architect: Heinz Tesar (Draft), J Obermoser (General planner). 2005.

BTV Stadtforum
Stadtforum 1
A 6020 Innsbruck +43 505 / 333 - 1417